We provide the best care to our clients. Learn more about the services we offer below. 


AlphaHound Inc.'s services are unlike any others offered in Charlotte. Owner Syl Paugh created something new and the AlphaCrew does what they do better than anyone else. Animals aren't treated like family, they become family.  

Services are customized for each client because each pet and their owners have unique needs. Syl carefully selects each play group based on the temperament, personality and disposition of each dog. She can bring a play group to your home or pick up your pet and bring them to her's. Syl personally monitors every play session and keeps the group sizes small. She cuddles, tosses balls, kisses noses and plays referee the entire session. You will never catch her trolling social media or dozing off when she's spending time with the packs. The clients get her undivided attention. 

One hour spent with "Aunt Syl" and an AlphaPack gives pets the targeted mental and physical stimulation that they often don't get in 6 hours at other facilities. Her main concern is their safety and emotional well-being. When your pet can't be with you, she's the next best thing. This isn't a just job or a business for her, it's a full time passion.


PackPlays: $48/hour

PackPlay involve socializing small groups of dogs by letting them play together in your personal yard or in those of other AlphaPack members. They allow for a safe and loving environment that sets the pup up for confidence and success. PackPlays guarantee a happily exercised and exhausted dog afterwards. 

A lot of AlphaHounds start off anti-social and within weeks are flourishing as they frolic with their new AlphaPack. If your dog is reactive or unsocialized you must begin your AlphaHound experience with Beginner PackPlays which is described below.


Extended PackPlays: $80/hour

If your dog requires more exercise an Extended PackPlay is the perfect fit. We'll work with you to customize the Extended PackPlay to meet your schedule and your dog's needs.  


Beginner PackPlays For Unsocialized Dogs: $60/hour

Is your dog reactive or unsocialized? Do they act aggressive or uncomfortable in social situations with other dogs or people? We can help with that. We offer specialized PackPlays for unsocialized dogs to ease them into social settings safely. Once your dog progresses and is more comfortable they can move into normal PackPlays (see description above).   


Walks & Check-Ins:     

20 minute walk or Check-In: $30 per visit

45-60 minute walk or Check-In: $40 per visit

3 Check-Ins per day: $110 total

4 Check-Ins per day: $130 total

Check-Ins allow pets the familiarity and comfort of staying in their own home while owners are away. If we are the only people caring for your pet, for the safety of your pet, we require 3 Check-Ins per day. AlphaHound provides 2-4 hour-long Check-Ins each day. If your pet seems distressed or in need of additional time, we will notify the owner that additional Check-Ins are necessary. The extra Check-Ins are at the owners expense.


In Home Pet Sitting (9:30 pm - 6:30 am):


Customized rates for 4+ pets available.

An AlphaCrew member stays overnight in your home to care for your pet while you're away. If you feel additional time is needed we can customize to meet your needs.




Not available for more than 2 dogs.

Pets stay in AlphaHound Owners Syl Paugh's ( "Aunt Syl's" ) home. The stay includes daily PackPlay and, of course, loads of love and attention. We work with you to customize the hours to meet your needs.  Price starts at $150. 



$20 starting rate/location dependent

AlphaHound can safely transport your pets to/from vets, groomers, daycare, boarding facilities, etc. Advance noticed required for proper scheduling. 


AlphaHike Day: 6:30 am - 2:30 pm

$120 (1 dog)     

Aunt Syl picks up your dog for a day of one-on-one fun and frolicking along North Carolina Hiking Trails. For safety reasons, this service is only available for existing or pre-approved clients.